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We do Self-Defense the right way in Tennessee

Elsie Lee, of Beech Bluff, TN., was forced to do what each legal gun owner dreads. Its also what each legal gun owner in this country has come to terms with and has steeled themselves for…being put into a position by thugs and miscreants of having to defend yourself in your own home.

“We were asleep, and I thought I had heard something but I wasn’t for sure,” Lee remembered. “I thought I was just dreaming something, and then I heard a big bang again.”

Further describing the break-in by the low-lifes…

“I got up and came running through the hallway and my gun was sitting on the dog cage, and the guy was standing in the kitchen. He had just busted my door open,” Lee said.

“I put the gun in his face and asked him if there was something I could do for him, and he was gone just that quick.”

This, though, is the most telling quote from the homeowner…

“I almost killed him. One of them could have been dead. Had he not ran, he would have been dead.”

She protected herself, and her son, from not one….not two…but FIVE thugs.

Kudos, Elsie. You have the brass nuggets that the crybabies over at CSGV, Moms Demand Sex Toys, and Mikey Bloomey lack. Hell, you have more balls than Josh Sugarmann and Ladd Everitt combined.

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