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Classless over at CSGV

Yeah…I’m going to tag them here, because they are classless.

They are still dancing in the blood of Bob Owens.

And classless idiots like the Moms Demanding Something, and Shannon whats-her-name, along with Mikey Bloomy are why we are winning.

More and more folk are understanding that the only person that can protect you is…yourself.

And the Great Equalizer is…the gun.

So…for the loons over at CSGV, the loons over at Moms Demand Something, the folks over on the Mikey Bloomy site….

You’re loosing because you lack class. Hell, when the LGBTQ community is embracing the Second Amendment, you know you’ve lost.

Here’s a sample of the classless people that support the aforementioned hate groups:

And here is a link to a video clip that shows we’re winning over the most unlikely of allies…

So…today, the aforementioned hate groups win the Bozo Award.

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