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I’m surprised that Billy didn’t wet himself…

Oh, the Horror!

A 64-year-old … man? (seriously, if thats a man, he’s gotta turn in his man-card…) that goes by the name of William Alexander, penned an Op-Ed for the LA Times in which he describes his trip to the NRAAM in Atlanta last month, his hopes of having his stereotypes shattered, blahblahblah…

As soon as I got to the part where he says that he was “encouraged because he had heard that 90% of NRA members support universal background checks” I knew that the author was nothing more than a trouser-wetting metro-sexual flake from the land of fruits and nuts.

If you can stomach it, go read his whole spine-shivering saga here.

A “man” wouldn’t have written such drivel.

He wins today’s Bozo Award.

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