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We’ve lost one of The Tribe, and now I’m pissed….

Its been quiet here at Coalition to Stop Vilifying Guns, as I needed a few weeks to tend to business matters, and generally wanted time off to recharge the batteries.

Now its time to get back up on the horse, and start shining light on the cockroaches that make up the Violence Policy Twits, The Mom’s Bitching and Queefing For Action, The Brady Bunchers, and all the others who are gleefully dancing in the blood of someone who lost his fight with his inner demons.

First up…I’ve been keeping this rather quiet, as I didn’t want to connect the writing here to my business. That ends here.

I am Dennis Badurina, owner/operator of Dragon Leatherworks, a custom holster maker and Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer, possessing a Type 01 FFL. I own this website, and its content.

Second…yesterday (08MAY17) Editor-in-Chief and owner of the website Bearing Arms, Bob Owens, lost his fight with his inner demons. I knew Bob in both a professional capacity, and on a personal level. Professionally, he was the first major 2A journalist to give my start-up company a huge break by publishing an article about my nascent endeavor, which resulted in a huge spike of web traffic, and much-needed orders that helped launch my business, Dragon Leatherworks.

Not long after that first article he requested a product for review. He knew my only guidelines…I didn’t want a “good” review in return for free product, I wanted an “honest” review, and if he found anything that wasn’t on-par with the quality of products like Gucci, Rolex, and other top-tiers, I expected more than “His product is shit”. I expected a polite and gentlemanly reporting of what he perceived as a flaw, why he perceived it as such, and a suggestion or two, in public, on what he believed would improve the product.

And he did just that. Twice. He reviewed a holster offering, then a year later was ecstatic to have been asked by me to review my version of a gunbelt for EDC.

The man could come off as abrasive at times, but such is what a journalist is…they have to be no-nonsense, and at times they must be immovable. But regardless of his public persona, on the handful of times our paths crossed in person, he was always polite, always a gentleman, and always ready to engage in conversation.

And now the liberals at the aforementioned groups who wish to strip citizens of their guaranteed Constitutional Rights are dancing in his blood. They are, all of them, deplorable. The worst of them being a tossup between Shannon Watts who is the Mom Demanding Something, and Josh Sugarmann of the VPC. Sugarmann, for those who were not in the know, was the one responsible for Bill “I did Not Have Sex With That Woman” Clinton directing the ATF to not issue Federal Firearms Licenses to folks who were not “in the business of selling guns for profit”.

In other words, if you didn’t pull a business license, collect Sales Tax, pay business taxes, etc., no FFL for you.

Funny though, Josh Sugarmann, who owns the 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit VPC (Violence Policy Center) has an FFL. How did a not-for-profit get a firearms license that is ONLY supposed to be issued to legitimate for-profit businesses? We know what Monica Lewinski did to Bill in the Oval Office to curry favor…what did Josh Sugarmann have to trade in the Oval Office to be able to violate Bill’s Executive Order?

So, Shannon….you thought that Bob Owens was a thorn in your side?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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