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Self-Defense success in Oklahoma! And Grandpa is singing the blues…

Leroy Schumacher (link here to his FB account), grandpa to teenage burglar suspect Jacob Redfearn (FB link deleted but a ::sniffsniff:: FB Memorial Page has been started here) killed in a Wagoner County break-in, is crying in his Wheaties because, as grandpa sees it, the victim (27 year old son of the homeowner) had an AR-15, and his thug grandson “only” had brass knuckles.

Grandpa has been quoted as saying “Brass knuckles against an AR-15, come on, who was afraid for their life?”

Well, Sparky, your thug grandson broke into a home. That right there, with Oklahoma being a Castle Doctrine State, is breaking and entering, a felony offense, with two others who also committed the same felony.

Next, they were armed. Your thug grandson was armed with brass knuckles. So we have breaking and entering, coupled with the threat of severe bodily injury to a person who was legally in the home. Those two things convey that your thug grandson acted intentionally, AND acted with the intent to cause severe bodily injury and/or death.

That, dear boo-hoo grandpa, constitutes firm legal footing by which the homeowner was in fear for his life, and he had every right to meet the perceived deadly force with his own deadly force.

BTW, grandpa, three against one is not a “fair fight”. One-on-one when one of he combatants is armed with brass knuckles is not a “fair fight”.

Sorry, Sparky….your grandson got what he deserved. You should have made sure that his parents raised him better.

Today’s Bozo Award goes to Leroy Schumacher, who obviously is about as intelligent as his grandson.

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