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NJ Politicians fainting at proposition of Freedom of Movement between States

So, there are some NJ pols that are practically to the point of soiling themselves in fear that the US Congress is considering bills that will mandate Handgun Carry Permits issued in one State to be honored in every State.

You know…the way that a Driver License issued in Tennessee is honored in NJ. In Tennessee, you can get a full driver license at age 16.

No…not a “learners permit” or a Cinderella license. I full, bona-fide, drive by yourself license. The insurance rates for these 16-year-olds is also less than half of the insurance rate for a learner in NJ. And that 16-year-old can drive on NJ roadways, streets, parkways, and highways while a 16-year-old NJ resident cannot.

Perfectly legal. They won’t be arrested for driving under the legal NJ driving age, because their driver license says that they are allowed to drive on a public roadway.

So why is it that a State like Tennessee, which REQUIRES  an eight-hour State-mandated safety and proficiency course for handgun licenses, doesn’t have its license honored in New Jersey, which has no such training requirement nor proficiency test in operating the handgun? The TN license isn’t honored in NY either, and the NY license has absolutely no training nor proficiency testing either.

Its time for this to stop, and its time for the NJ politicians, along with their lapdog media, to stop fanning the flames of fear.

Full panty-soiling article here.

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