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This is tragic, but should be a heeded lesson

Lets face it…for the most part, teenagers make poor decisions when hormones take over the decision-making process.

This young girl will be living with guilt the rest of her life. On the one hand I feel sorry for her, on the other I feel she is a complete and utter moron. A 14 year-old girl in Georgia sneaks in a 17 year-old boy after her parents are asleep. The boy is in the guest room when the dad hears the family dog barking incessantly, grabs a gun, and heads downstairs to investigate. He tells the intruder (under the law, that’s what the boy is…) to identify himself, and said 17 year-old jumps out of a closet in the guest room and tries to make a run for it.

Dad opens fire, striking him once in the chest. Center-mass shot, well-placed, did the job.

Then it is discovered that his daughter invited the guy in.

She’s going to carry that the rest of her life.

Full article here.

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