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Tennessee getting it right

Bill introduced in the Legislature regarding domestic violence and Order of Protection. The text of the bill (paraphrased here) basically allows someone who has filed for and been granted an Order of Protection the ability to carry a handgun on their person for a total of 60 days after said OP has been granted, as long as said person is not otherwise prohibited from possessing a handgun.

What that means is that instead of scrambling to find a carry class so as to get a permit as fast as possible, the victim can immediately start carrying a handgun, find a permit course nearby, schedule the course at their leisure, etc.

Given that permits, on average, now take around 2 weeks (14 days) to get processed and mailed by the TN Dept of Safety (out of Nashville), this 60-day window should be more than enough time to secure a carry permit.

Full text of the bill here.

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