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The gun-world is pointing and laughing hysterically…

…at Mike Rosenwald, ( FB link here ) who writes for the Fake News, The Washington Post.

The fellow goes on a screed about “silencers”, then makes this absurd claim:

But gun-control activists say silencers are getting quieter, particularly in combination with subsonic ammunition, which is less lethal but still damaging. They point to videos on YouTube in which silencers make high-powered rifles have “no more sound than a pellet gun,” according to one demonstrator showing off a silenced semiautomatic ­.22LR.

Read that a second time, slowly. He claims that a .22LR (Long Rifle), which is a rimfire cartridge, is “high powered”.

Uh-huh. Its so high-powered that its not allowed as a big game hunting cartridge in ANY State that I’m aware of, because it only injures. It does not kill quickly and humanely.

Not only did he make that absolutely derp-filled claim, but when called out on it, he doubled-down on his idiocy and refused to do proper research so as to make corrections.

So much for Liberal Journalistic Integrity. Washington Post, from this point forward as far as CSVG is concerned, is fake news.

Full article of utter stupidity published by Washington Post found here.

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