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Constitutional Carry Bingo – Texas!

Hot on the heels of Missouri implementing ConCarry, we have Texas Rep Jonathan Stickland introducing legislation in his State:

House Bill 375 — authored by State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford — is known as “constitutional carry” and it would make the licensing process and classes to obtain a permit optional. The idea, according to Stickland, is that Texans shouldn’t be forced to take a course and pay a fee to exercise their Second Amendment rights. If passed, Texas would be the 11th state to allow constitutional carry.

What is great about this legislation is that only one year ago, Texans won the right to Open Carry (with a permit). Prior to that, Texans had a 125+ year history of needing to conceal their handguns fully, and go through an onerous licensing process.

And now, they are on the verge of becoming the 12th State in the Union to recognize the fundamental civil right enshrined in the Constitution.

Full Article Here.

Feature Photo by Steve LaBadessa

One thought on “Constitutional Carry Bingo – Texas!

  1. Oh sure, it’s okay to walk around with a gun, but I can’t even walk ten feet with a machete before someone gives me dirty looks. Double standards.

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