I’m surprised that Billy didn’t wet himself…

Oh, the Horror! A 64-year-old ... man? (seriously, if thats a man, he's gotta turn in his man-card...) that goes by the name of William Alexander,

This is tragic, but should be a heeded lesson

Lets face it...for the most part, teenagers make poor decisions when hormones take over the decision-making process. This young girl will be living with guilt the


Playing Baseball normalizes the clubbing of baby seals

I mean, why not? If this bint over on Popsugar can claim that playing with squirt guns "normalizes" kids killing each other, then by extension swinging

Classless over at CSGV

Yeah...I'm going to tag them here, because they are classless. They are still dancing in the blood of Bob Owens. And classless idiots like the Moms Demanding